So you have been to our flying field and seen the model airplanes and racing quads zipping around. If not, then this might be your first step in becoming a member of Sun Parlor RC Flyers. Wednesday evenings and weekends are usually best.

     Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to the club members and let them know your interest in joining the club. Most members are a wealth of knowledge and can answer most of your questions. Perhaps one of the pilots might even give you a go at the controls.

   The next logical step is to determine an appropriate trainer type aircraft and remote control. We will let you know the most popular trainer airplane and equipment to get you started.

   Now that you are in full tilt, it is time to find out about MAAC

MAAC stands for Model Aeronautics Association Of Canada. They offer liability insurance for the RC pilot, a must in order to join any club, and their web page is a wealth of knowledge.    Once your MAAC insurance is purchased you can join the club. Our dues are very affordable with discounted membership for those under 18.

   Now the fun begins, you will be shown how to set up and maintain your aircraft and be instructed on rules and regulations at the field. We will test fly your new shinny airplane and trim it out for flight.

   The next step is to connect your controller to a buddy box. This allows the instructor to take control of your airplane any time needed, then with the flick of a switch you will have full control of your model. We operate a wings program which consists of a graduated series of flight instruction. As you become adept to flying your model you will soon be able to solo and move on to more aerobatic and or scale aircraft.

  Being a club we have numerous fun flys and events during the flying season. Wednesday night BBQ’s, airshows for the public, float flys , FPV quad racing, just to name a few. During the colder months we fly smaller electric aircraft in Tecumseh’s Vista Academy gymnasium. We also have club meetings on the first Monday of each month at the Windsor Flying club at the airport.   This hobby not only consists of learning to fly but also learning to build and repair RC aircraft. This is a great hobby with so many different avenues of interest. Join up, give it a try.

Last Update Oct 9th, 2019